Philippine Society of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, Inc.

DR. MIGUEL L. NOCHE, JR - Exemplar of Dedication, Commitment and Service

Dr. Miguel L. Noche, Jr. embodies what a Filipino physician is all about – an educator and a healer. Meticulous, competent, with a penchant for perfection and one who values professionalism and integrity, his reputation precedes him, whether in the academe or in the clinics. He is untiring, dedicated and committed to his field of expertise. From helping with the organization of the Philippine Society of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, of which he eventually became president, to donning the chairmanship of the Board of Medicine of the Professional Regulation Commission, he continues to exude the same intensity, passion and enthusiasm for which he is known. He has published numerous articles, co-written several books and helped draft numerous policies which not only focused on the field of allergy but also on the general welfare and better provision of care for the Filipino child.

It is not surprising that he is considered an institution, an inspiration and someone to look up to by younger colleagues who want to follow in his footsteps. Learning, for him, is a passion, something he never tires of. He is fascinated by new developments and added knowledge, constantly seeking ways to ensure that a high standard of care is always being given to patients, whether allergic or not.

That is why he commends the Society for the inception of the Allergy Club and his advise is “. . . to sustain the enthusiasm for which the club was founded-to educate and help patients with allergy. And that the relationship between the physician and the patient is very important in the outcome of treatment.”

He advises patients with allergic diseases to follow the instruction of their allergist and ask questions if there is something that they do not understand. “Before leaving the clinic, make sure that they understand the instructions, and that follow-up care is very important in the management of their allergy.”

Through the years, the sense of purpose and the driving principles that guide him continue to fuel his enthusiasm-to teach, to impart and to heal. In our own small way, may we also do the same, starting with our dear patients who depend on us for their allergic diseases.

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