Philippine Society of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, Inc.

Happy National Allergy Day to everyone!

With the National Allergy Day event over, we're now focusing on our 16th PSAAI Convention/ 2nd Immunology Course "Clinical Immunology: Applications in Clinical Practice" this September 4 2017 at the Hotel Supreme, Baguio City. 
This convention aims to help the practitioner be more aware of Immunology and how it encroaches on different specialties. Physicians ought to be made aware of this involvement and how different diagnostic and therapeutic modalities can alleviate the plight of patients in our daily clinical setting. New insights from expert speakers will certainly add to one's clinical know-how. 
Certainly a great learning opportunity for everyone and in the cool City of Pines to boot! Sure hope many can join us! But for those who cannot, we will be posting clinical nuggets of wisdom here on our website.